Landscape suicide

by Nicola Tirabasso & Valerio Maiolo



Landscape suicide is the fifth tape produced by Artetetra, protagonists are Nicola Tirabasso (already in VHS for the same label with "Soundtrack for Acarino Galaico") and Valerio Maiolo (Sex with Giallone - Trovarobato / performer in the electroacoustic ensemble led by Francesco Giomi) the two of the artists, in their new production, propose an essential deconstruction of the languages already used in the most known and classic popular music history like field recordings, spoken word, drones, conventional armonic structures and instruments.


The Italian underground really seems to be exploding right now, firing out powerful packages of psychedelic tribalism, voodoo drones, and grinding industrial weirdness that put Germany and the US to shame with each passing month. This fifth release for young musical collective and label ArteTetra comprises two sidelong 23-minute suites, one apiece for Nicola Tirabasso and Valerio Miaolo, each imbued with free flowing mind-fucked melodrama. Tirabasso’s side tugs at the listener with emotive droning organ chords, and distant raindrops of tapped cymbals, going on to include new agey vocal inflections and widescreen synth notes during its second half along with a trembling closing coda that smacks of unfinished business. Maiolo’s side never gets as melodically comfortable as Tirabasso’s, relying on dissonance, a strangely evil mumbling monologue towards its middle section, and bursts of radio static and atonal rumblings for its finale. This is definitely music from the country that gave us Musica Elettronica Viva, packaging two long form collages into one coherent ritualistic suite.

Tristan Bath - The Quietus



released June 12, 2015

Side A is composed, played and recorded by Nicola Tirabasso.
Side B is composed, played and recorded by Valerio Maiolo.

Produced and distributed by Artetetra.
Graphics by Nicola Tirabasso
Photography by Davide Dicorato




Artetetra Potenza Picena, Italy

// Quinto mondo, exotic powers and obscure sounds production corporation, nat-geo 3.0, new weird hawaii, digital gnawa, cheap drugs & thai dubs //

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