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Papalagi is the title of the new ep by Babau. With this work, the duo tries to summon exotic sounds from purely invented places and sacred rites to which they would be afraid to participate. Deconstructing the exotic sonorities and languages through imagination and recoding them in a very strained and bizarre way, Papalagi arrives to put together the smoking Rano Kau during equatorial storms, the molam orchestras from Laos and two young boys from the marchigian hills experimenting with a shortwave radio.
What comes out is a promiscuous pot pourri of themes, rhythms and harmonies borrowed from different etnies to which the duo doesn't belong to. The research of a different familiarity to the one inherited by the white man becomes a synthetis through which the duo moves, seizing everything and belonging to nothing.


Papalagi is not based on hatred. Exotica as a genre or alloy is not ridiculed. It is instead consistently worshipped and widened at the same time, interpolating the tribal tradition via bongos and sermons while carving out the escapism in a particularly hellacious way. So far, Exotica listeners have listened to records to escape from reality. Papalagi, however, reverses this kind of escapism by torturing the listener with its uneasy yet imaginative architecture. Don't you dare escaping into the world of Papalagi! You better take flight from this luring-recalcitrant tape if you can!

Björn Werkmann - AmbientExotica



released February 28, 2015

Everything written & performed by Babau; recorded live by Babau and Manuel Kopf at Plaster recording studio, Potenza Picena (MC)
except for:
Thomas organ on Faus recorded at Nonna's house
Drums on Faus played by Urmuz
Congas on Palo Majombe played by Edoardo Grisogani
Voices on Palma Hayek by Salma Hayek and David Letterman.
Mixed and Mastered by Manuel Kopf at Plaster recording studio, Potenza Picena (MC).
Art & Design by Nicola Tirabasso
Produced by Artetetra
Distributed by Artetetra and Narvalo Suoni.





Artetetra Potenza Picena, Italy

// Quinto mondo, exotic powers and obscure sounds production corporation, nat-geo 3.0, new weird hawaii, digital gnawa, cheap drugs & thai dubs //

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