Jungle Judge

by Holypalms




Streaming premiere via Noisey: noisey.vice.com/it/blog/holypalms-junglejudge


Pavel Eremeev is an artist based in Moscow and a member of Middle-Eastern tinged band uSSSy. Under his solo guise as Holypalms, Eremeev hooks his quarter-toned guitar up to his laptop to make some pretty gritty and relentless music, riding all manner of West African, and South Asian rhythms. His background in complex compositions with uSSSy seems to have really opened up the amount of detail and sheer number of sections and interleaving tracks of distorted Eastern guitar licks and synthetic drum rhythms at his disposal. ‘New Monkey Forest II’ stands out as a glorious 8-minute burst of energy, the rabid guitarwork blending with a vast array of meticulously programmed jungle drums. In comparison the 12 minute ‘Stoned In The Jungle Stolen By The Liana’ is much woozier and stranger, focusing in on laptop bleeps for a simmering introduction before the guitar joins in and the entire affair weaves its way through a good half dozen peaks and troughs. (Spool's Out - the Quietus)

[...] il vaso delle seduzioni global si è scoperchiato liberando un'orgia di riferimenti: gli ossessionanti movimenti gnawa, raga indiani, percussioni "etno" e richiami mediorientali assortiti si ritrovano nello spazio (generoso) di "Jungle Judge". A complicare la navigazione, l'uso massiccio di beat digitali che simulano a intermittenza destabizzanti stimoli da dancefloor, ma che in realtà rivelano ben presto la loro radice matematica, gettando un ponte verso le giungle aritmetiche dei Gala Drop. (Roberto Rizzo - Ondarock)


released August 10, 2016

Everything written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Pavel Eremeev in his home studio in Moscow.
Artwork by Zurkas Tepla.
Released on tape by Artetetra




Artetetra Potenza Picena, Italy

// Quinto mondo, exotic powers and obscure sounds production corporation, nat-geo 3.0, new weird hawaii, digital gnawa, cheap drugs & thai dubs //

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